Survey and Recruiting Rewards

Boost survey participation or admissions and recruiting efforts with gift card rewards

Your Customized Portal
Your Customized Portal

Swag is nice..

but everyone loves gift cards

Give the perfect gift for...

Provide incentives and a gesture of thanks for participating in your survey or study. A small gift goes a long way when it comes to increasing participation rates and data collection. With denominations as low as $5, delivered digitally within minutes, it will be easy to keep your participants engaged.

Finding and retaining talent is a difficult task, but thanking candidates for their time and interest has never been easier. Send follow-up notes along with a token of appreciation, to make a lasting impression on your next star team member!

Offer a token of thanks for your speakers, panelists, and event participants. Include a personalized message of gratitude with a valuable gift you know they will appreciate.

Give your faculty, staff, and researchers the recognition they deserve. Not only will they receive a gift card in a denomination of your choice, your thoughtful messaging and branded experience will remind them of what a great organization they are part of.

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