EverythingCard Frequently Asked Questions

EverythingCard offers thousands of Canadian organizations the gift card choices their employees and clients actually want. From the banks and airlines to local non-profit organizations, the branded and personalized experience delivers the smiles and appreciation gestures any company would be proud to give.

EverythingCard is powered by Esiance, a leading Canadian gift card distributor that has delivered gift card services to over 2.5 million Canadians since 2009.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if EverythingCard is right for your organization.

Yes. Think of it as offering each recipient a personal gift card rack where they select the gift card they actually want. They can even mix and match.

Your lucky recipients can choose to enjoy coffee and pastries from Starbucks, movies at Cineplex, flights on Air Canada, online shopping at Amazon, limited-time deals at Walmart, tasty treats from Uber Eats, groceries from Loblaw, gas from Esso and so much more.
Yes, even with the no-fee Starter platform.The EverythingCard always features your corporate logo to make the redemption experience branded and personalized.

For even more customization, our business and enterprise-level platforms offer the ability to incorporate additional brand design elements all the way to a complete white-label platform.
Absolutely. We understand that sometimes a physical memento is better than a digital one, just like a hug is better than a virtual hug!

Physical cards are particularly popular for client appreciation gestures such as ‘Thank you for your Referral’ or celebrations such as corporate events or years-of-service celebrations.

All EverythingCard physical cards are custom branded for your specific needs. You can start with one of our existing themes or design per your own specs. Best of all, recipients still enjoy all the benefits of the EverythingCard platform, including selecting the gift cards they want.
You sure can.Whether you want to send an EverythingCard to one person or 100,000, we make it easy for you with our proprietary ‘Invitation’ system - each recipient enjoys a branded and personalized experience.

All you have to do is enter your recipient info—or upload a CSV file if you’re sending gift cards to many recipients—customize your message, schedule the delivery date, and wait for the compliments to roll in!
Yes. All EverythingCard platforms offer volume discounts.

You earn discounts from the first order on our business and enterprise-level platforms. The ‘Starter platform’ has a minimum threshold before volume discounts are earned.
Never. EverythingCard makes things easy for you and your recipients.

Recipients do not need to create an account or remember yet another password to receive their gift cards. The redemption experience is all about simplicity—all they need is their unique code.
Unfortunately not. EverythingCard is exclusively available for organizations that require between 25 to 2,500,000 gift cards per year.

We suggest you visit MyGiftCardPlus or Rakuten Gift Card Shop to directly place an order for individual or smaller quantities of gift cards.
Yes. Gift cards are like cash, so EverythingCard is extra vigilant about security. Our platform is trusted by airlines, banks and multinational organizations because of the industry-leading safeguards we deploy.

  • Secure Redemption Platform: The EverythingCard redemption process is fully hosted on secure HTTPS pages for your peace of mind.
  • Bank-Grade Encryption: All personally identifiable recipient information uploaded is encrypted and hashed with 128-bit bank grade encryption.
  • Tier One Dedicated Hosting: The platform is hosted on dedicated cloud servers located in North America and powered by tier one service providers including Amazon, Google, IBM or Microsoft. This also ensures 99.99% uptime.
No problem. In fact, the EverythingCard is intentionally designed to provide you with flexibility.

Once you set-up an EverythingCard account, you simply simply fund the account and then order codes as needed. You can create and issue a code within minutes. Whenever you create a code, it reduces the available funds in your account.

You can even set your account with low balance alerts. Say goodbye to scrambling around buying last minute gift cards.
Yes. Our ‘Starter’ platform lets you create up to three administrators to the account without any additional fees or restrictions.

Need more flexibility? Our business and enterprise packages can be programmed for multi-level user authentications. Top-level administrators can activate and monitor usage at a macro level across different divisions or campaigns, while other admins can manage and view platform elements only within their defined group or region, each with a unique budget. You can even set up read-only access (helpful for accounting) or code-issuance-only where messaging is maintained at the organizational level. Such functionality helps budgeting, ensures consistent usage across the organization, and also reduces the potential of internal misuse of theft.
No Expiry. Recipients can redeem their EverythingCard codes whenever they want - no “use it or lose it” pressure.
Recipients choose what they prefer. People are often very particular about how they receive gift cards because they essentially involve money. Some prefer a physical gift card they can swipe at the store; others love the portability and convenience of a digital gift card.

There’s one trend we’ve seen, though: the higher the dollar value, the higher the preference for physical gift cards. For example, recipients usually don’t hesitate choosing digital coffee cards when redeeming for $25 or less. Meanwhile, when redeeming for $100 or more, they are more likely to select a physical gas card or grocery card.
Fast. We understand that anyone who selects a gift card is eager to enjoy it.

Recipients who select a digital gift card typically have it in their inbox within minutes.

For physical card orders, our Toronto-based processing center activates and ships 99% of all approved orders within one business day via Canada Post regular mail. Most recipients will receive their physical gift cards within 3-5 business days.

For comparison, we understand that other gift card providers can take up to six weeks for delivery because of bulk processing and international fulfillment centers. We think that is too long as the moment may have passed by the time the gift card reaches the intended recipient.
We take care of it. In the highly unlikely event that a recipient does not receive their gift card, our customer support team will act quickly to understand and fix the problem. Simple as that!

We can resend a digital gift card within seconds. For a physical card, we ensure the card has not been redeemed, cancel it and promptly send a replacement.